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Over 35 years of experience and care

Since its beginnings, Chambois acquired professionalism renown and an unequalled reputation. Thriving business, the company plans to keep its architectural woodworking pole position in North America.




Mobilier Chambois opens its doors as the residential and commercial furniture specialist.



At Chambois, we care about people. We are a knowledgeable and innovative company that’s known for manufacturing superior quality commercial and institutional furniture. We’ll make sure you’re satisfied, every step of the way.

At Chambois, our values transcend in every step of the process. Enabling us to outperform ourselves on a daily basis, in order to better serve our customers by fulfilling their architectural woodworking projects. 


At Chambois, we all come together as a team aiming at a common goal. Positivity and partnership along with an open minded view are the key factors in our success. We are proud of our common accomplishments and share the pride of our achievements.

Respect & Integrity

Chambois recognize the uniqueness of each individual by attentiveness and consideration. For us, fair-minded and equitable relations are the success of our business. Bearing this in mind you can expect a superior quality customer experience where courtesy; respect and honesty for you as well as for your environment are a must.


At Chambois, we promote dialogue and new insights thus fostering team success. We acknowledge that sometimes you have to take on new challenges to stay on top your trade.  We are truly convinced that innovation will guaranty our long-term future!


Our management and decision making process reflect our commitment to always improve and exceed. Every day, the desire to be the best motivates us to push further our trade. "Keep in mind if you improve something every day after a period of time, you will see tremendous improvements": are the watchwords at Chambois.


Chambois encourages a winning and professional attitude from its employees and partners. We are proud to be part of a motivated and dedicated team working in the best interest of the company. Also, committed individually as well as corporally to contribute to everyone’s success including the company’s.

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