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A qualified, multidisciplinary team

Chambois provides turnkey services, regardless of your industry or the nature of your project: architectural millwork, integrated furniture, reception counters, wood wall panels, kitchen cabinets, bathroom furniture, and more. Customer satisfaction is our priority, every step of the way.

Estimation and project management

Estimation et gestion de projet

Well assessed and well advised projects! Ébénisterie Chambois with its expert team of estimators and project managers will ensure that no details are overlooked, will advise you with expertise while analyzing your needs and offer the best materials as well as alternatives to respect your budgets and deadlines.

Their accuracy and their ongoing planning eliminate unpleasant surprises from your projects.

Our expertise in diversified sectors (commercial, residential and institutional) facilitates the understanding of your needs and requirements in order to meet adequately your expectations.

Our estimation experts

  • Analyze your need

  • Analyze plans and specifications

  • Advise on different available materials

  • Offer advantageous alternatives

  • Provide a detailed cost estimate


Our project managers

  • Working closely with customers and professionals

  • Ensures compliance with time frames

  • Oversees subcontractors activities

  • Optimizes the installation process



The engineering team relies on its expertise to produce approval drawings, suggests innovative ideas either by the material selection or ways to custom-build, this simplifying production and installation.

  • Producing approval drawings

  • Producing shop-drawings

  • Ensuring material availability

  • Supporting the production department day-to-day activities



Always looking of innovative ideas Ébénisterie Chambois’ production cumulates many years of experience and expertise in architectural woodworking, the production capacity and our cutting-edge technology equipment contributes to delivery deadlines and established budgets.

The team ensures continuous quality control: we have put into place customers and vendors control check points within the production steps; every production step is responsible for quality: attention to details and through the thoroughness of each team member!

  • Cut-out

  • Machining (automated)

  • Assembly

  • Finishing

  • Custom packaging

Delivery and installation

Livraison et installation
  • Meticulous handling

  • Respect for the environment

  • Versatile and multi-purpose

  • Professional and rigorous

In order to provide complete project quality we have our own crews,  courteous, dedicated to delivery and installation, they cumulates many years of experience in the field. All our installers have worked as craftsman, earlier on in their career, giving them the opportunity to complete the quality control cycle. (closing the loop).

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